International reputation confirmed

For the concert in the UdK Berlin high-ranking soloists have been engaged, like Michael Tröster (guitar) and Douglas Vistel (violoncello) as well as the young mandola player and composer Daniel Huschert.
Huschert interpreted “Fiamme” – a concerto for mandola and plucked string orchestra – with the romantic approach the piece is based on. This way the work convinced by its distinct rhythms and beautiful sound characteristics. The mandola player Daniel Huschert shone with clear intonation and precise expression.
Neue Musikzeitung 4/2008

Convincing debut

Being his first work to be published (2001), Daniel Huschert wrote “Burleske Szenen” (Burlesque scenes) for the rare instrumentation of mandola solo in 1999. […]
“Burleske Szenen” are a convincing debut of Daniel Huschert. Tricky rhythms and a modern language produce the special attraction of the work. Nevertheless it can be easily understood after the first listening and it is fun to hear and to play it.
Concertino 3/2004

Enthusiasm and irritation

[…] The first part was presented by the “Landesjugendzupforchester Brandenburg-Berlin” […]. The “Capriccio”, composed by Daniel Huschert, a member of the orchestra, had its first performance and bore comparison with the compositions heard before quite well. […]
Concertino 1/2004

You have to be very strong or very dreamy

[…] But the pieces of the older participants did not belong to the most interesting contributions of the winner concert: mostly they were unclear in terms of style and technique while pretentious in expression. Only the 22-year-old Daniel Huschert wrote with “Burleske Szenen” for mandola a piece that unites solid composition and instrument compatible, yet almost too discreet poetics. What these composers can become in future times is hard to predict. […]
Berliner Zeitung, 8th November 2000